About Data Studio

We are the experts in Quantum Control Software Reporting, Screen Customization, Data Analysis, Automation and Troubleshooting.

With 10 years of experience of Reporting and Back-End Development for Quantum Control users, our staff can deliver the most powerful solutions in the fastest delivery time to help improve your Quantum experience.

Let us guide you in the best direction with all your Quantum Control needs.

Products & Services

Data Clean Up

Clean data helps every employee use Quantum more efficiently. It also improves reporting and decision making.

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Duplicate Part Number Clean Up

Help your employees work more efficiently in Quantum with clean data.

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Custom E-mail Notifications

Get advanced custom analytics in your Inbox in the morning without having to wait for reports to run in Quantum.

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Bulk Location and Warehouse Inventory Transfers

Move Inventory to physical or virtual Warehouses and/or Locations.

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Crystal Reports

We can design custom Crystal Reports for you to upload to Quantum or receive in your E-mail Inbox.

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Quantum Forms

We can help you add additional information to your Quantum Forms and make them look better.

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Quantum Training Video Requests

Request New Training videos for Quantum here!

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Price Updates

Update your pricing in a more efficient and strategic manner.

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User Defined Field Updates

Make use of UDFs in Quantum and Upload relevant data to help you work more efficiently.

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Integration with SAP/Salesforce/MRPs

Interface data from other softwares with Quantum Control.

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Power BI Dashboards

Improve decision making and performance assessment with better Analytics using PowerBI Dashboards.

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Quantum Sys Admin Training

A one week training effort to empower your System Administrators with reporting, notitfication and troubleshooting skills to better assist your users in improving Quantum usability. This training can be done Remotely or On-site.

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SQL Training

Create better PowerBI, Crystal Reports and notifications with improved SQL Skills. Anyone can learn SQL with no background in programming.

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We can train you on any technology around Quantum Control Software like SQL, Crystal Reports, PowerBI, Emgr and Forms Designer.

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Let us how we can help you with Quantum.

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Thiago is an extremely valuable person to have in your network. He is easy to work with, efficient, and highly knowledgeable. I’ve known Thiago for a few years, and have worked with him on many projects, from when he was a Developer at Component Control, to now operating his own consulting business, Data Studio. He goes the extra mile to ensure that every project is completed on-time, and that the result is 100% what you wanted. I definitely recommend Thiago for all your development needs.

Krista Wildermuth

Director of Operations, Aircraft Hardware West

I had the pleasure of working with Thiago. He helped me fully understand how the Quantum database worked and how to implement some much needed automated tasks. He is very knowledgeable and understands the inner working of databases. If you need help with reports or getting the most out of your database, I highly recommend you reach out to Thiago.

Ian Coke

Quality Control Manager, Alaris Aerospace Systems LLC

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